Thursday, July 2, 2009

Twitter 4 MAC



relatively new entrant to the Twitter client market, Nambu offers a
mail-like interface for Twitter messages. Easily managing several
accounts, it has the makings of a solid client.

It’s completely free, and will soon support its own in-built URL shortening and picture hosting services

█▓▒░TweetDeck░▒▓█ . - Multi paned browsing, and very popular.

█▓▒░Twitteriffic░▒▓█ - The classic Twitter client, with a great UI.

█▓▒░Twhirl░▒▓█ - Friendly, colorful, and great multiple account support.

█▓▒░EventBox░▒▓█ - For Twitter, and a bunch of other social media networks.

█▓▒░Tweetr░▒▓█ - Easy file sharing and webcam support

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