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Sunday, July 26, 2009

UTorrent Tweak – Increase Utorrent Download Speed

Utorrent being an ultimate torrent client gives the best to download anything and of any size.There are lot of utorrent tweaks and settings for both xp and vista which can make download faster,increase utorrent download speed and you can make most of your bandwidth.Most of the people tend to ignore their utorrent bandwidth tweaks and settings resulting in lower upload and slow download. .So Lets speed tweak utorrent.

Optimum Bandwidth Settings

The Speed Guide in utorrent is the easiest way to get right upload and download speed. Press [Ctrl + G] or go to options>speed guide. There you will get a drop downbox which says  connection type. It lets you choose your closest connection speed. Then click Use Connection Settings. The maximum number and other settings will be automatically applied.

utorrent speedguide

Setting Up Ports

Since utorrent is a p2p client, thus you need to have open ports which act as entry point for people to get data from you. If you don’t have open ports you won’t get sufficient download rate either.Some ISP’s and routers block.

If you are using routers, set it up to forward the ports on using in utorrent. You can check to find the correct port using in utorrent. You can check to find the correct port using the options>speedguide. Enter a port number and check it. It will open up a new web page which can tell if the port is open or not.

If not choose a different port till u find the correct port number. Check the above image for this. If you are using router check this page Routers Port Index , If you want to find out what are the common ports used by other programs, here is the list Cports

Encrypting Network Data

Similarly some ISP’s try to limit the bandwidth to p2p applications. uTorrent have protocol encryption which makes detection and limiting by ISP’s harder.You can enable protocol encryption by going to Options > Preferences > Bittorrent. There is a section called as Protocol Encryption, choose Enabled or Force. This can speed up your bandwidth.

Encrypt datat in utorrent

Removing the Connection Limit for XP

Here we are going to modify and replace a system file, So do it at your own risk. But its sure does work.First backup your TCPIP.Sys. Now if you are using windows XP Sp2, the chances are your “maximum half open connection limit is most likely to 10. There are patches available which can remove this problem. One such patcher is . Download the English version and execute the exe in it.

Patch windows xp

Using the Web Interface:

uTorrent has a web interface called as Web UI. This allows you to control uTorrent remotely through a browser. You can do pretty much the same things you can do with the program on your computer.To enable WebUI, go to options > Preferences > Advanced > Web.

Click on Enable Web interface. Enter username and password. You can download the Web Ui from Download and uncompress the rar file and cpy it to Documents and Settings/[Your username]\Application Data\utorrent.

IE sometimes doesnt work with it,So either use opera or firefox. Now to access your utrrrent from web open url which should be like this http://Machine_name_or_IP:Port/gui. It will ask for user name and password. There you go ….use from anywhere you want

Enable Web Ui for utorrent

Settings Download Speed Schedules

uTorrent like any other download manager has a scheduler but it goes one step ahead. You can speed limits during certain period of time. To use it go to Options > Preferences >Scheduler. Click on Enable Scheduler. Here you can setUpload and download rate when the schedule is enabled. You can see scheduler table where you can click on any day and give your preferences to Limit, Turnoff or Full speed and set the bandwidth usage. Dark green is full speed, light green is limited speed and white is turned off.

Schedule utorrent

Create New torrent and add them to trackers

You can create your won torrent file and upload to trackers. Select from menu, File > Create New Torrent > Add file or directory. Enter the address of the tracker that you want to upload, Give a name and save it.You can also select if you want to start seeding now or even you can make it private.Now you can pass it to torrent or friends.

torrent tracker

All these setting can definitely help you to make maximum usage out of your bandwidth. I have tested them and it works great for me. I am sure will work for you too.Enjoy it !!!

More updates to increase download speed below :

Increase  numbers of outbound connection attempts at a time ( Patch TCPIP.SYS )

Windows has limit on number of outbound connections. This limits the number of concurrent connection made my torrent software to download files. In order to increase this limit  you can download  Half-open limit fix (patch) for Windows from here which actually patches your tcpip.sys file in windows. You free to increase tny any number of open connection and in case you want to get the original file back, it can restore tcpip.sys for you.

Increase number of connection to TCPIP.SYS

Increase number of connection to TCPIP.SYS

This is what it says

Half-open limit fix (patch) for Windows – Home

P2P (peer-to-peer) programs (µTorrent, BitComet, eMule, P2P TV etc.) are generally the most affected programs. As they use up all 10 of the half-open connections, other Internet activity, especially the loading of web pages, can be extremely slow. The delay before the beginning of opening can make some tens seconds. This happens regardless of the speed of your Internet connection.

Utorrent Port Checker

In Order to check Port forwarding is configured correctly I would suggest you to go to Utorrent Port Checker , ignore the erroer it gives for first time and add the port number you have forwarded in the text box. Hit Enter and see what result you get. This will tell you accurately if your port is forwarded correctly.

This is an important factor as Port forwarding increases the speed of utorrent downloads.

Remove slow seeds and peers :

In case you find the seeds or peers are slow, drop them off. More the number better it is. If you get a connection which has less number of seeds, you are advised to remove them.

Make Utorrent connect an exception to Firewall :

This is one of the crucial setting you should do. In case your firewall is blocking on number of connection for utorrent, add this program to exception list so you get high download speed.

Add Public Trackers for low seed trackers

This is another way of increasing the download speed by adding public trackers into your torrent’s tracker list. This is helpful when the number of seeders gow low in count and you will have to wait for a longer time to download the file.

This list of public tracker you will need to add in your tracker list for a particular torrent which is downloading very slow. Right-Click on the torrent which is very slow and go to Properties. Then under the General tab, you’ll notice a list of existing trackers for the selected torrent. Just paste the above list right there.

You will also need to Enable DHT and Peer Exchange by selecting the appropriate check boxes in the same screen.

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