Thursday, July 30, 2009

Triple Your Adsense Earnings With A Simple Trick

When it comes to Adsense I always try to share my own experience with you all. I keep on experimenting with the ads on my blog and then share my experience.
And today I am here to tell you about a simple trick that will surely increase your income.

Note : Please, do not miss this post, read it once, apply it and you will surely get a benefit out of it. Lets start :

It should be kept in mind that the ads, that are at the top of the web page pays more. Yes, you read it right. As we all know that we are allowed to place 3 ad units in a single page, so the topmost ad should be placed there, where the possibility of clicks is more. Lets analyze this with an example.

Below is a 2 column template with a header . Its a simple ad format that most of the bloggers use. Have a look :

In the above format there are 3 ads :

Ad number 1 : Its a 468 x 60 ad format that is placed at the top i.e in the header.
Ad number 2 : Its a (468×15) ad format the displays up to 5 links and looks like a navigation bar.
Ad number 3 : Its same as ad number 1 i.e 468 x 60 ad format and is placed at the bottom of the web page.

Now, we can see that the ad number 1 is placed at the top, it means that it will pay more than other two ads. But the problem is that the probability of getting clicks on ad 1 is less than ad 2. If we see the image again, we will analyze that the ad number 2 looks like a navigation bar i.e menu bar, so getting clicks on it is much more than ad number 1.

And at last ad number 3 is at the bottom will pay much less than other 2 ads. So, according to me its a wrong format of placing ads.

The bottom line is, always place that ad at the top which has more possibility of getting clicks. So in order to get more revenue the ad should be placed like this :

If you are using any such ad format change it once and try this trick.

Do reply me with your comments and feedback.

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