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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

[Tut] Crack Sony PSP (New Ones)

Which PSP can be cracked ?

All the PSP can be cracked till now which are below firmware : 5.50 (It will be cracked very soon .)

Old PSP can be hacked by many methods Pandora batteries and a lot of methods are their already. I Will not take up that because its for old PSP and you can easily find information how to crack them on Internet.

This post will guide you to hack : PSP 2000 and PSP 3000 series. (last digit of model no may vary).


Before you do anything to your psp let me make it clear that i will not be responsible if you cause any harm to your psp. This method is very safe and 99% succesful, but do it at your own risk.

Step 1) Check out your PSP firmware version.

In your PSP go to "Settings -> System settings -> System information.

See you firmware version.

If the Firmware version of your PSP is below or 5.03(i.e. if it is 4.01 or 4.03 or 4.21 or 5.01 or etc... but belowor5.03) then your PSP is hackable..

Which PSP can be cracked ?

If the Firmware version of your PSP is below or 5.03(i.e. if it is 4.01 or 4.03 or 4.21 or 5.01 or etc... but belowor5.03) then your PSP is hackable..

Step 2) Format your memory stick:

Backup your data before you format if you have something important else no need. In your PSP go to "Settings -> System Settings -> Format Memory Stick".

This will create all the system folders in your memory card no need to format if you have already done it.

Step 3) Update your PSP to OFW 5.03

If your PSP have Official Firmware 5.03 you can skip this step. If you PSP is below firmware version 5.03 then please update you firmware to Official

Firmware 5.03.

You can get the official firmware version 5.03 from:

Guide to update firmware :

Step 4) Install ChickenR2

Their are some chickenR2 on Internet but they are not good they work on trail and error method. You will be able to install it in 1 go or if you have bad

luck then you need more than 100. Luckily i found a easy to install ChickenR2 its very efficient and install at first try and even if does not give some more tries

What you exactly have to do is

Download this file

Now extract the downloaded file by Winrar or Winzip....

From the Extracted files and folders copy "PSP" folder and "h.bin" file.

Connect you PSP to your computer via a Mini-B cable.

Your computer will detect a new storage device as it does for Pen Drives.

Open "My computer" You will see a "Removable drive" open it by double clicking at paste the copied file and folder.

i.e. you have to paste the copied file and folder in root not inside any other folder.

Now from your PSP go to "Photo" or "Picture" -> "Memory stick" -> "ChickenHen" folder.

Now let the images to load i.e. thumbnails will be created. Let it happen.

Your PSP will hang !!!!

Don't worry its completely all right for it to hang

Now their are 2 possibilities:

a. The PSP shuts down after some time all by itself : Bad luck you were unable to install ChickenHen. You have to try again. Repeat the step just above

written in red with bold. i.e. try to open the ChikenHen folder again from your PSP and let the thumbnails to create. Until you see a Green light or some

strips of colour on your psp screen.

average no of tries : 8 to 10.

I did it at my first chance.( Lucky .)

b. The PSP flashed Green or some strips of colour and restarted on itself: Congrats you did it !!!

Check your PSP firmware version now it will show : 5.03 ChickenHen R2

Step 5) Install a Custom Firmware:

Now you have ChickenHen R2 on your PSP . So you can install Custom firmware which will let you play pirated games.

What's in CFW 3.50?

Download the Custom Firmware Enabler 3.50

# Now extract the downloaded file. Go to PSP -> Game (From what you have extracted not in your PSP)

You will find a folder named "CFWEnabler" copy this folder and paste it in your PSP game folder

(Removable disk which is your memory stick -> PSP -> Game).

# Now in your PSP go to "Game" and choose "Memory stick"

# Start CFW Enabler by pressing X key of your PSP

# You will be asked to flash files if you are doing it for the first time do it.

# Now activate the Custom Firmware Environment.

# The PSP will go back to main screen.

# Now check your firmware version it will be : 5.03 M33-6

Congrats you PSP is cracked now

Now just go to Game an open CFW Enabler it will welcome with a screen you will find on the right side settings open it by pressing X key of the PSP

and now Open Configuration

Now Go to third option "UMD Mode" and press X button of you PSP and make it "M33 Driver".

Come back by pressing O key and then in main menu select "Exit"

You will come back to your PSP Screen.

Step Enjoy !!!) Play Games For Free:

So that's all now to play you have to make an folder called ISO in you memory stick do it from your computer

Now open the ISO folder and copy the ISO / CSO games

So Thats all please don't be afraiid and try to craack your psp the process is very safe but i don't take any gurantee.

If you have any queries or comments rep back here or post comments on the website article. if u will post comment on website you will get rep fast as i am always online on it

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