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Thursday, July 23, 2009

10 Things to Remember Before Dating a Techie Girl

You’ve been contacting her for 15 minutes already. You see, the reason why that attractive chick doesn’t answer your phone calls is because she’s busy configuring her latest PDA phone or you haven’t yet check her twitter timelines. Yes, you are pursuing a techie girl.

Brush up on these tips while you wait for her answer:

1.Coffee Shops are a Big No-No.

She’ll bring her laptop along. At first she’ll share a few tips but once she gets in the zone, you’re headed to Homeville.

2.Have an ancient-looking mobile phone? Hide it.

They have a thing for the latest gadgets. It’s like some ladies who prefer men with flashy cars over men with flashy smiles; get the drift?

3.Know the difference between 1TB and 1GB.

Research while you’re waiting for her reply. You would be talking more about this as time progresses.

4.If she brings her gadgets along, DO NOT touch them. Wait until she hands it over to you. They are territorial with their stuff.

5.Bring some flowers.
They still are women so make them feel they are admired and wooed.

Don’t forget the essentials:

6.Get a hair cut

7.A dinner-date calls for long-sleeves, jeans and chucks right? You can choose leather shoes if you want.

8.Choose an upbeat line of cologne.

9.Prepare some cool grooves in your car. Techie girls love music.

10.Be yourself.

Techie or Non-Techie — if you have the right applications to win her over, she won’t reset your date ever again. .

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