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How to check whether a game will run on your computer or not ????

Can you run it?
I recently acquired Call of Duty 4 from a friend (for free I might add) because wouldn't run on his computer. Well, his computer is fairly new, and it baffled me why it wouldn't run. So after a couple hours of searching the internet, I came across this website . When you select the game from the drop down menu and click the "Can you run it?" button, it will review your computer's specs. and list rather the game is compatible with your computer or not. It will show the recommended specs. and the minimum specs. to run that specific game. And if the game isn't compatible, it will show what components you need to upgrade to run the game. 
step 1Visit the website
First you need to visit this site, see the left side that says "Find out if you can run that game on your PC"? click the button underneath it that says "Can YOU run it?"

step 2Test your computer
Now to test your computer for compatibility. From the drop-down list, select the game that you wish to run. After you selected your game, click the "Can you RUN it" button. This will take you to a new page.

step 3Analyzing data and results
This next page will analyze the data, if you are a Windows Vista user then UAC(User Account Control) will pop up and ask for permission, click yes as this is not harmful. Now your results will appear...It appears that I failed...:(

step 4Finish
Well now you know how to check to see if you can run your game without having to drive all the way to the Local Generic Superstore near you, buy the game, wait 45 minutes to install it, find out that it won't run, and then run back to the store to return it. So I hope that I helped, and saved you the hassle of the return.


We are going to explain you a way to send home-made e-mails. I mean it’s a way to send Anonymous e-mails without a program, it doesn't take to much time and its cool and you can have more knowledge than with a stupid program that does all by itself. This way (to hackers) is old what as you are new by to this stuff, perhaps you may like to know how these anonymous-mailers work, (home-made)

Go to Start, then Run...
You have to Telnet (Xserver) on port 25
Well, (In this Xserver) you have to put the name of a server without the ( ) of course...
Put in in (Xserver) because it always work it is a server with many bugs in it.
(25) mail port.
So now we are like this.
telnet 25
and then you hit enter
Then When you have telnet open put the following like it is written
and the machine will reply with smth.
Notice for newbies: If you do not see what you are writing go to Terminal's menu (in telnet) then to Preferences and in the Terminal Options you tick all options available and in the emulation menu that's the following one you have to tick the second option.
Now you will see what you are writing.
then you put:
mail from:< whoeveryouwant@whetheveryouwant.whetever.whatever> and so on...
If you make an error start all over again
mail from:<>
You hit enter and then you put:
rcpt to:
This one has to be an existance address as you are mailing anonymously to him.
Then you hit enter
And you type
and hit enter once more
Then you write
Subject: whatever
And you hit enter
you write your mail
hit enter again (boring)
you put a simple:
Yes you don't see it it’s the little F**king point!
and hit enter
Finally you write
hit enter one more time
and it's done

look: Try first do it with yourself I mean mail anonymously yourself so you can test it!
Don't be asshole and write f**king e-mails to big corps. Because its symbol of stupidity and childhood and it has very much effect on Hackers they will treat you as a Lamer!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How To Create a mySQL Database Using PHP

mySQL database is most popular database system used in internet. Today I am going to show you how to create a mySQL database using PHP script.
To create a new database, we’ll be using the following syntax here;
CREATE DATABASE database_name
But, we must use the mysql_query() function to execute the above command. This mysql_query() function is used to send a query to a MySQL connection.
After we have base commands ready, we can arrange it to access and create your new MySQL database.
Before we proceed further, you must keep in mind that you must have your web host supporting at least one MySQL database connection and you have full access to your web host control panel. However we are not going to enter the controlpanel zone, but the PHP script surely will have to.
Now let’s assume the following,
$dbhost=’localhost’;  // is your local host name.
$dbusername=’anup’;  // is your web host username
$dbuserpass=’anup123′;  // is your web host cpanel password
$dbname=’anup_database;  // is your new database name to be created
The following script will create a new database named, anup_database.

$dbhost=’localhost’;  // is your local host name.
$dbusername=’anup’;  // is your web host username
$dbuserpass=’anup123′;  // is your web host cpanel password
$dbname=’anup_database;  // is your new database name to be created
$con = mysql_connect ($dbhost, $dbusername, $dbuserpass);
if (!$con)
die(‘Could not connect: ‘ . mysql_error());

if ((“CREATE DATABASE $dbname”,$con))
echo “Your new Database created”;
echo “Error creating database: ” . mysql_error();

$con variable is set to connect to the database, if it fails to it outputs with Could not connect mysql error.
If it becomes successful to create new database, it outputs with Your new Database created. Else it will result Error creating database with mysql error listed.
Here, w are successfully done to create a new database.
Since we’ve created database we can create tables after then.
Let me not end this tutorial right here, else you might be smothering about what to do next.
Let me teach you how to create a table using PHP again.
To Create a table, we are using the following syntax.
CRATE TABLE table_name
column_name1 data_type,

column_name2 data_type,
column_name3 data_type,

It will create the specified table in the specified mysql database name.
While creating we added the CREATE DATABASE syntax in the mysql_query() function to execute it. In the same way we’ll be adding CREATE TABLE syntax to the mysql_query(function).

For an example, lets say that, we need to create a table named “people”, with three columns. And we need the column names: “FirstName”, “LastName” and “Age”.
The following command creates table with $dbname variable (it varies with variable you provide before the command executes), here in our case, anup_database, as we’ve specified $dbname=’anup_database’; as our data base name.
// Create table
mysql_select_db(“$dbname”, $con);
$sql = “CREATE TABLE people
FirstName varchar(15),
LastName varchar(15),
Age int

// Execute query

Note:The above script is not complete and your browser will never accept ist as a PHP code until your code begins and ends with
Varchar(15) data type allows you to enter only 15 characters (you can see that I’ve added it after the column FirstName and LastName). And int (in the Age column) refers to an integer.
Upto now what far we’ve reached is, with complex combinations of commands and functions, we will be able to create new database with new table and columns.
You can easily combine the both scripts in to one file, like in the example below:

$dbhost=’localhost’;  // is your local host name.
$dbusername=’anup’;  // is your web host username
$dbuserpass=’anup123′;  // is your web host cpanel password
$dbname=’anup_database;  // is your new database name to be created
$con = mysql_connect ($dbhost, $dbusername, $dbuserpass);
if (!$con)
die(‘Could not connect: ‘ . mysql_error());

if ((“CREATE DATABASE $dbname”,$con))
echo “Your new Database created”;
echo “Error creating database: ” . mysql_error();

// Create table
mysql_select_db(“$dbname”, $con);
$sql = “CREATE TABLE people
FirstName varchar(15),
LastName varchar(15),
Age int

// Execute query

Hope that was pretty helpful.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to Download Flash Video From Youtube

Most online videos these days use the FLV format to store the actual video files, so our first task is to get a copy of that file. Some sites, like YouTube, will offer an MP4 download in certain cases, but if not, the FLV file can be converted to a more usable format, so let's concentrate on getting the file downloaded.
The easiest way to download any video from the majority of online video sites is with the Video DownloadHelper extension for Firefox. Once you've installed the extension, head to any video page, and then click the DownloadHelper button button (see screenshot below) to see a list of the available media to download on that page. The extension provides a built-in method for converting video files, but they will end up watermarked, so just download the files in MP4 if possible, or FLV if not.
The Complete Guide to Ripping and Converting
 Flash Videos
If the Video DownloadHelper extension doesn't detect the video on the page, you can sometimes head into Tools -> Page Info -> Media, find the video file in the list of resources, and then click the Save As button. If you are a Linux user, you can also just wait until a Flash video is entirely loaded, and then grab the file from your /tmp folder.
The Complete Guide to Ripping and Converting
 Flash VideosAlternatively, you can use Internet Download Manager, which seems to work best — just move your mouse over the video until the Download Video button shows up, and then select the video to download. In our testing, this method worked in an instance or two where the Firefox extension did not. Another solid choice is TubeMaster++, which actually scans network traffic to grab videos, works on Windows or Linux, and can convert to any format—but it doesn't really work with a wireless network card.

Downloading YouTube Videos

You can't talk about ripping Flash videos from the web without giving special attention to YouTube, since much more specialized tools are available for easily downloading and converting video from YouTube in a single step.
The Complete Guide to Ripping and Converting
 Flash VideosThe single easiest Windows tool I've found for downloading and ripping YouTube videos is the YouTube Downloader application, which is as simple to use as pasting in the URL and clicking the OK button. Once it downloads the video, you can switch the radio button and convert the video into almost any format—in fact, you can use this tiny application to convert almost any video (YouTube or not) into almost any popular format.

If you'd rather not use a separate piece of software, you can use the Jet toy, or any number of specialized sites like KickYouTube, KeepVid, deturl, or Vixy to download and rip videos from YouTube or some other sites.

Top 5 Myths About Safe Surfing

I found out that many users don't completely understand the seriousness of potential threats or how to protect their PCs. The following are responses to the top five security misconceptions I encountered.


I don't keep important things on my PC, so I don't have to worry about security.

There was a time when this statement was partially true, but that time has long since passed. Current viruses, worms, and other threats, including the famous Love Bug, Nimda, and Blaster, spread blindly across the Internet to thousands or millions of PCs in a matter of hours, without regard for who owns them, what is stored there, or the value of the information they hold. The purpose of such attacks is nothing less than to wreak havoc. If you ignore the reality of these attacks, you are certain to be hit at one time or another. Even if your computer is not attacked directly, it can be used as a zombie to launch a denial-of-service or other attack on a network or to send spam or pornography to other PCs without being traced. Therefore, your civic responsibility is to protect your PC so that others are protected.

I can protect my PC if I disconnect from the Internet or turn it off when I'm not using it.

Wrong. If you connect to the Internet at all, you are a target. You could download a virus when you connect and not activate it until days later when you read your e-mail off-line. Even if you rarely connect to the Internet, you can get a virus from a file off of a network, floppy disk, or USB flash memory drive.

I can protect myself from viruses by not opening suspicious e-mail attachments.

Wrong again. The next virus you get may come from your best friend's or boss' computer if his e-mail address book was used to propagate an attack. Nimda and other hybrid worms can enter through the Web browser. And it is possible to activate some viruses simply by reading or previewing an e-mail. You simply must have a PC-based antivirus package.

I have a Macintosh (or a Linux-based system), not a Windows system, so I don't have to worry about being attacked.

It is true that most attacks target Microsoft Windows–based PCs, but there have been attacks against Mac OS and Linux systems as well. Some experts have predicted that the Mac virus problem will get worse, because Mac OS X uses a version of Unix. And although these systems have some useful security features, they can still be attacked.

My system came with an antivirus package, so I'm protected.

Not quite. First, if you haven't activated your antivirus package to scan incoming traffic automatically, you are not protected against e-mail and Web browser attacks. Second, new threats appear daily, so an antivirus package is only as good as its last update. Activate the auto-update features to stay on top of the latest threats. Third, an antivirus package can't protect you from every threat. In most cases you need a combination of solutions, including, at minimum, antivirus, a personal firewall such as Zone Labs' ZoneAlarm Pro, and a plan for keeping your operating system and software up to date with security patches. Antispyware and antispam utilities (such as PepiMK Software's SpyBot Search & Destroy and Norton AntiSpam) will also help keep you safe.

Hacking Ubuntu Serious Hacks Mods and Customizations

Ubuntu, an African word meaning “humanity to others,” is the hottest thing in Linux today. This down-and-dirty book shows you how they can blow away the default system settings and get Ubuntu to behave however you want. You’ll learn how to optimize its appearance, speed, usability, and security and get the low-down on hundreds of hacks such as running Ubuntu from a USB drive, installing it on a Mac, enabling multiple CPUs, and putting scripts in menus and panels.

RS Download:

Hacking Wireless Networks For Dummies eBook


Become a cyber-hero - know the common wireless weaknesses
"Reading a book like this one is a worthy endeavor toward becoming an experienced wireless security professional."
--Devin Akin - CTO, The Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) Program

Wireless networks are so convenient - not only for you, but also for those nefarious types who'd like to invade them. The only way to know if your system can be penetrated is to simulate an attack. This book shows you how, along with how to strengthen any weak spots you find in your network's armor.

Discover how to:

Perform ethical hacks without compromising a system
Combat denial of service and WEP attacks
Understand how invaders think
Recognize the effects of different hacks
Protect against war drivers and rogue devices

Table of Contents


Part I: Building the Foundation for Testing Wireless Networks.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Wireless Hacking.

Chapter 2: The Wireless Hacking Process.

Chapter 3: Implementing a Testing Methodology.

Chapter 4: Amassing Your War Chest.

Part II: Getting Rolling with Common Wi-Fi Hacks.

Chapter 5: Human (In)Security.

Chapter 6: Containing the Airwaves.

Chapter 7: Hacking Wireless Clients.

Chapter 8: Discovering Default Settings.

Chapter 9: Wardriving.

Part III: Advanced Wi-Fi Hacks.

Chapter 10: Still at War.

Chapter 11: Unauthorized Wireless Devices.

Chapter 12: Network Attacks.

Chapter 13: Denial-of-Service Attacks.

Chapter 14: Cracking Encryption.

Chapter 15: Authenticating Users.

Part IV: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 16: Ten Essential Tools for Hacking Wireless Networks.

Chapter 17: Ten Wireless Security-Testing Mistakes.

Chapter 18: Ten Tips for Following Up after Your Testing.

Part V: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Wireless Hacking Resources.

Appendix B: Glossary of Acronyms.



Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to receive Distant FM Signals

share something which might be unknown to some people. Receiving far away FM stations is called FM Dxing. I am from Ranchi(Jharkhand) and unfortunately here we dont have private FM stations except Vivid Bharti  . But i do listen to FM stations of Kolkata(Calcutta).

I want to make it clear to everybody that high frequency signals travel in the line of sight and these high frequency signals can either be FM or AM.

So, saying that FM signals travel in the line of sight is partially correct.

Low frequency signals like MW and SW also travel in the line of sight but they also get reflected by the one of the layers of atmosphere. So we can listen to faraway stations in these bands.
High frequency signals do not get reflected rather they pierce the layers of atmosphere and are lost in space leaving only one option: line of sight transmission.

But there is a special layer in the atmosphere called ionosphere which helps in reflecting the high frequency signals. Although not always present, this layer is responsible for FM Dxing.

To receive distant signals you need:
1) A good FM receiver. (I have got my Sony home theatre which works very well)
2) An FM Booster(Not those TV boosters)
3) A home made antenna.

You can get a plenty of circuits diagrams in the internet for FM booster.
Print out the diagram and either make it yourself or give it to the technicians who repair TV and radio.
The antenna can be a simple one like a whip antenna if you want to listen to nearer stations or it can be a complicated one like Yagi antenna. I made a quadrangular antenna.

With the help of above things, i receive FM stations of Calcutta. In a straight line it is more than 350 Kms from Ranchi. The signals become clearer in the night and they become stereo from mono.
Thus my setup receives whatever signals it gets from line of sight and from ionosphere reflections.

Some other facts:-
Aircraft communications also use high frequencies (118-136Mhz) and they talk in line of sight BUT THEY ARE NOT FM, they are AM (amplitude modulated) signals like those of Medium wave and Short wave.
One interesting thing:- One day when i switched on my system i wasnt able to receive Kolkata FM stations rather i was receiving radio stations of Burma(Myanmar) . I took out the map and measured the distance of Burma. It was more than 1500 Kms. Isnt that interestingMay be due to changes in the ionosphere i was able to receive them.Go for it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vodafone stealing information using Botnet malware in phones - Beware!!!!

Guys Its Really shocking but Its truth . 
The New Vodaphone HTC Magic Phone Contain Malware's in the software Inbuilt and Its stealing Personal Data of the Users. 
So Beware Guys !
This is Pity Ridiculous that company is distributing malware at its userbase. Unfortunately it probably won’t be the last.

Today one of our colleagues received a brand new Vodafone HTC Magic with Google’s Android OS. “Neat” she said. Vodafone distributes this phone to its userbase in some European countries and it seems affordable as you can get it for 0€ or 1€ under certain conditions.
The interesting thing is that when she plugged the phone to her PC via USB her Panda Cloud Antivirus went off, detecting both an autorun.inf and autorun.exe as malicious. A quick look into the phone quickly revealed it was infected and spreading the infection to any and all PCs that the phone would be plugged into.

A quick analysis of the malware reveals that it is in fact a Mariposa bot client. This one, unlike the one announced last week which was run by spanish hacker group “DDP Team”, is run by some guy named “tnls” as the botnet-control mechanism shows:
00129953 |. 81F2 736C6E74 |XOR EDX,746E6C73 ; ”tnls”
The Command & Control servers which it connects to via UDP to receive instructions are:
Once infected you can see the malware “phoning home” to receive further instructions, probably to steal all of the user’s credentials and send them to the malware writer.
Interestingly enough, the Mariposa bot is not the only malware I found on the Vodafone HTC Magic phone. There’s also a Confiker and a Lineage password stealing malware. I wonder who’s doing QA at Vodafone and HTC these days.

How to recover deleted sms from phone or sim

Have you deleted SMS messages that you wish had not gotten deleted? You will be happy to know there are a number of different software that can help you recover the messages you need and want, but not all of them are free and you need to purchase the software. However, if you own a Nokia phone you might be in luck, as there are very good chances of message recovery from your cellphone without need of any specialized data recovery software for free. In this tutorial I will explain, what are the steps to be followed in order to recover deleted SMS from a SIM card or phone memory.

1. First of all download and install FExplorer, excellent file manager and also sends files via Bluetooth.


2. Launch FExplorer and navigate to C: if you use Phone Memory to store your messages (default) and D: if you use Storage Card as your SMS storage location.

3. Now navigate to and open "system" folder.

4. Now open the "mail" folder.

5. This folder should contain many folders named similar to 0010001_s etc. with files named similar to 00100000 etc. These files are the actual deleted messages. Simply, use the FExplorer inbuild text viewer to view these files. You will need to browse through every folder and open all files inside them until you get the required SMS.

This tool includes more great fetures like:

  • Cut, copy & paste files
  • Check date modified & size
  • Display free space available
  • View file with inbuilt text viewer
  • Cut, copy, create & paste directories
  • File find. (although this only works within a directory)
  • Take screenshots
  • Set your backlight to be permanently on
  • Send files via bluetooth. (may be necessary to rename .sis to .sis_)
  • Compress memory - increasing available free memory ...and much more.
All of all FExplorer is a handy file explorer application for your Series 60 phone. With a wide range of features, tips and tricks, FExplorer will become one of your favorite mobile applications!

How to Watch NCAA Basketball Online

Want to watch america’s most popular sporting events ? In this aricle I will show you how to watch NCAA basketball online.

1)Go to

2) You need to check is your browser ready and compatible for the High Quality viewer.If it’s ready you’ll see message as below

If your browser isn’t ready you need to install Silverlight. To install Silverlight, click on the “Get HQ” button and follow the prompts to download and install Silverlight

3)To start watch NCAA Basketball click on launch button

4) “Boss Button” at the top right can be very useful for those who watch NCAA Basketball at work . Clicking on the “Boss Button” will open a fake Office document so it may appear at first glance like you’re actually doing legitimate work. To return to the game, click anywhere on the screen with your mouse.

Where to begin Hacking ???

For all the people who are new at this whole “computer” thing and don’t really understand what hacking is all about and where to begin, I offer up these links to some great places to start learning.


Presentations: <-- A speech given talking all about the problems facing culture when dealing with copyright and other digital laws.

Podcasts: <-- This is fantastic for people who are new to the field. If you have the time or motivation, go back and listen to them from day 1, they assume you know very little if anything and hit on all of the major topics in the security field. Fantastic show.

IPTV Shows: <-- Produce a good IPTV show and also have forums that are usually helpful. <--- Duh....

Tutorial sites: <-- Pretty good resources, some very nice video tutorials on various exploits. Defiantly check out the tutorial section. <-- Excellent tutorials/information/articles. <-- Tutorials, tools and forums full of helpful people.

Programming Related:
Teach Yourself C in 21 Days:
Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days:
The Art of Assembly Language Programming:
Microsoft Developers Network:
----Web Programming:

Security Related:

Programming Related:
Teach Yourself C in 21 Days:
Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days:
The Art of Assembly Language Programming:
Microsoft Developers Network:

Security Related:

Video Resources:
Watching/reading papers or videos from past conventions such as Shmoocon, DefCon, or BlackHat, is a good idea. 

If you are interested in websec (web security) you should pretty much understand the different protocols on the web, i.e TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP, SSH, etc.

Knowledge of HTML, PHP, ASP, SQL, Perl, and Python is good.


Some more important sites

Cain and Abel: Windows password recovery utility

As far as password recovery utilities go, Cain & Abel is by far one of the best out there. It’s designed to run on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista but has methods to recover passwords for other systems. It is able to find passwords in the local cache, decode scrambled passwords, find wireless network keys or use brute-force and dictionary attacks. For recovering passwords on other systems Cain & Abel has the ability to sniff the local network for passwords transmitted via HTTP/HTTPS, POP3, IMAP, SMTP and much more. We think it is quite possibly one of the best utilities to have as a system administrator, and definitely a must have for your toolbox.

Friday, March 19, 2010

something more what your vlc can do

Im using  vlc from  lot  of  time  i  found  some  really  good  features  which  you  may  not  know
here are the cool features

1. Rip DVDs: 
VLC includes a basic DVD ripper. You probably would never use it when there are better DVD rippers available, but it helps to know that you can in fact, get a decent quality DVD rip with VLC. To rip a movie follow these steps:
Go to the Media menu and choose Convert/Save.
Click on the Disc tab.
* Here you can adjust the Starting Position and rip only specific titles or chapters.
* Enter file name making sure to end with .MPG, and start ripping.
* Click Save.

2. Record videos: 
With the new VLC, you can record videos during playback. The record button is hidden by default. To see it, click on View>Advanced Control. The record button will now appear. Clicking on the button while playing a movie or video will start recording. Clicking again will stop recording.

3. Play RAR files:
Do you know VLC can play videos zipped inside RAR files? They play like normal video files and you can even use the seek bar. If the RAR file is split into several files, no problem. Just load the first part (.part001.rar ) and it will automatically take the rest of the parts and play the whole file.

4. Play in ASCII mode:
VLC media player has an amusing ability, to playback movies in ASCII art. To enable ASCII mode, open VLC media player and click on Tools>Preferences. Open the section ?Video? section and under ?Output? select ?Color ASCII art video output? from the drop down menu. Save it. Now play any video file to enjoy the ASCII art.

5. Listen to online radio: 
VLC includes hundreds of Shoutcast radio stations.
You just need to enable it through Media>Services Discovery>Shoutcast radio listings.
Now, open the Playlist and browse through the stations.

6. Convert Audio and Video formats: 
In VLC you can convert video and audio files from one format to another. Several different formats are supported like MP4, WMV, AVI, OGG, MP3 etc. To access the converter:
* Go to Media>Convert/Save.
* Load the file you want to convert using the Add button and click Convert.
* Now choose the output format and output file location.

7. Download YouTube and other online videos: 
First grab the URL of the YouTube video page.
Now click on Media>Open Network stream.
Paste the URL and click Play.
Once VLC starts streaming the video, click Tools>Codec Information and at the bottom of the window you will see a Location box.
Copy the URL and paste it on your browser?s address bar.
The browser will now download the file which you can save it to your hard disk.
Alternatively, you can record the video.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What is a Virus?

Have you ever ask your self that question before ? well here i am going to show you the basic of what a virus really is. A virus is a piece of code so will try to do wierd actions on your computer. Copy itselfs to diffrent places on the computer is the most commont action it will do. They may attach it self to a spesifc program or spesifc file type. The importent part to a virus is to survive as long as Possible. The writters to the virus want it to stay alive. What a virus will do is try to gain access to the system of the computer to take control over important Functions of the system. This is how a virus will try to stay alive. Some viruses may also try to attack Threats as AV's disable important functions like "Task Manager" so you can't turn off the Processes the virus is running in.

What i mean about important Functions is like "System Restore" ect this can restore the computer to a later condition. So to mabye delete all the restore points or even disable it from the user to use it. Viruses are much more harder to get ride of if they are Executed on the victems computer since than they can use hiding Techniques to try avoid to get detected by the AV's. They will most likely try to not exist on the computer. Since they are trying to merge with virus free programs so are legaly. Also they can try to Deny access to files they are hiding in so the AV's can't open them up. This is just few Techniques they will try to use to stay hidden on the victems computer. So you should always scan files befor you execute them.

So how can they really take away important Functions on the computer like "Task Manager"? Every function to the computer is saved in something called registry. So viruses will normaly do alot of changs there to take out functions so are important to the computer and user. Normal computer users without knowledge about registry are'nt able to turn thos needed Functions like Task Manager on again. There is alot of persons out there in the World so don't even know about how this really works. Think about every Person on the Earth nearly all have a computer so they have access to at home? But have they really any knownledge about the threats and how to deal with them? Answers is No!. So this is why its so very big risk for so many to get infected since they are'nt really prepared about the threats out there so are hiding in every single corner when you surf on the internet. They are'nt taking the Alert on how bad it really is. When they are download something they are't even beliving that it might be a threat? Are they even scan the Files befor they execute them? I think No! All thos problems would'nt be so big if peoeple really open up there eyes and took a look at whats going an.

What ever all the AV's and Security stuff poeple are making. It wont stop the threats as viruses and unwated programs will still be everywhere but if poeple just stopped up for one second and started to be abit more carefully about what they are doing on the Internet they might not be as so big risks as they are today. Just with simple few steps they can avoid to get infected.


- Downloading Software
- Clicking on Pop up windows
- Clicking on Attachments via E-Mail
- Have't patched up the computer
- Surfing on Unsecure Sites
- Entering unsecure IRC rooms
- Clicking on Links so you may get from "Messenger" or "E-Mail"

Here you see a few ways you can get infected with viruses. So as you see its very easy get it. But if you just thinking about what you are doing on the computer you can easy avoid alot of virus infections. Many Poeple may ask what is the best protection? There are't any program so can give you 100% secure computer. Best AV's you have on your computer is "You".

Prevent Gmail from Hacker or phisher

Nowadays, its very common to hear about various incidents of Gmail hacking by Gmail phisher. Today, online privacy is maintained only if the user is aware of various hacks used to hack email accounts. Hence, i thought of writing an article on the same topic of preventing Gmail from being hacked by hackers. Friends, i highly recommend you to read this article to prevent ur future damages.

>>What is a phisher?

Phishing is the best working method of hacking email account. The advantage of phishing in email account hacking is that victim is not able to recognise the fake page (phisher) as this phisher matches with the original page(depends on hacker skills).

So, here i have mentioned few tips which you should follow to prevent hacking of your email account by hackers. So lets start:

1. Fishing filter:

I will recommend use of browser which has phishing filter. Internet browsers like Firefox 3.0(my favorite), Internet Explorer 7, Opera 7x which contain phishing filter should be used for safe browsing.

2. Do not provide sensitive information :

Yes, this is the main thing you have to remember. Unless and until, you know the person or institute, do not give your sensitive information like userids , passwords, bank account numbers as a reply to any email. In fact, 90% emails demanding such information are meant for hacking..remember !

3. Suspicious Filters :

Check whether there are any suspicious filters not created by you. For checking ur email filters, go to Settings->Filters. If you find any such suspicious filter not created by you, delete it urgently.

4. Great offers, ads, winners :

Generally, Gmail users are deceived by emails which contain great offers, ads or declaring that u are lucky winner and you should provide listed query information to receive your cash prize. Never click or provide any information for such claiming emails.

5. Disable Forwarding and POP/IMAP :

To disable forwarding and POP/IMAP, go to Settings-> Forwarding and POP/IMAP and disable forwarding and POP/IMAP.

6. The most important :

The most important precaution which one must follow is "do not click on the link" provided in the email without knowing to which page the link will take you.I have added my personal experience of phishing and the method to determine the link target, where i received a paypal phisher, in my article Paypal phisher to hack Paypal account. One more thing, always open link given in email by typing address of site in new tab/window.

Thus, if you will follow these guidelines, i bet ur Gmail account will never be hacked by a phisher. Just remember the guidelines and prevent Gmail account from being hacked by hackers.

Enjoy HaCkInG.....

Get Any Microsoft Products for FREE!!


This article will basically introduce you to the funniest yet useful bug in Microsoft systems. Do at your own risk as neither Hackers paradise nor the author of the article are responsible for anything legal related to it

Lets start


1. Go to
2. Search for "Microsoft Products". (Suppose you chose a "gaming keyboard")
3. Select any product below $150, and tell the seller that "I am ready to buy, but just to make sure that I am getting the right thing, i want to know the PID number of the product".
4. Seller will mail you PID number.

Part 2

1. Call up microsoft customer service OR have a chat with their representative
2. I dont have the number byhearted so goto and find that out
3. Tell them that " I own this (the same) Gaming Keyboard, its broken, some of the keys are not working, I have done all the troubleshooting."
4. VOILA!, they will say that "Its ok, sir, we will send your another!"

How it works?

When they send you another keyboard, they would NOT ask you to return the existing broken keyboard, because the SHIPPING will cost them more than the price of the keyboard. So thats what is the loophole

Why till $150?

As i mentioned above, if the replacement product costs more than $150, then they will ask you to return the existing broken product at the time of delivery, which apperantly we dont have .

Can I get caught?

NO!. Its done through complete legal way, I have already ordered 5 of them and have received 3 at my friend's place in US. I am expecting them to drop 1 of them at my place (india), within couple of days.


iTunes Downloads DRM Hack: Use myFairTunes6 v.0.2b

This is the link for myFairTunes V.0.2beta which is a Windows C++ Port of QTFairUse6. It’s a GUI for the QTFairUse6 app, that makes it nice and easy to rip the DRM right out of YOUR iTunes music store downloads, so you can use YOUR music however you like.
AAC Stream Capture based loosely on Igor Skochinsky’s Freely available QTFairUse6 Python source code
M4A Conversion based on Jon Lech Johansen’s Freely available DeDRMS source code
Credits and Greets to Igor and DVD Jon
Features for 0.2b:
- Name change myFairTunes6 to stop any confusion (thx for the cool name writeguy)
- Supported iTunes versions: 6.0.5.x
- Browse your Entire iTunes Library’s M4P files
- Full iTunes Control, plays and stops Tracks automatically
- “One Click” Full Automatic Conversion of Entire Library
- Multi Select only the Artists, Albums and Tracks you want to convert
- Full lossles M4A conversion with all original tags in tact (artist,album, track, art etc.)
- Full iTunes Library Integration, Auto inserts M4A and removes M4P Tracks..
- Make backup of all converted M4P files (You pick the target backup folder)
- Preview Track directly in myFairTunes
- M4a Files can be converted to high fidelity MP3’s directly in iTunes

1) Run myFairTunes6.exe
2) Select your tracks to convert
3) Hit “Start Conversion”
Download myFairTunes6 here:

Download myFairTunes6 Source Code here:
NOTE: Softpedia has the latest updated app for anyone who is looking.
Enjoy it while it lasts.

Simple cmd.exe tricks


Hey guys, yeah this is my first posting here. These are just some simple little things i like to use to cause no end of frustration to my school administrators....yea im mainly a white hat tho


Basically these are just some simple cmd.exe commands that normal people don't know about. Actually most people don't even know what cmd.exe and as soon as you open it their like 'oh shit you must be a hacker'. God damn sterotypes

The code

Ok the first code is to see all the users on the computer

the second will change the password of any user (including the admin) note: unless using a network command line interface eg. Powershell it will only change the individual computers admins password which is still pretty useful
the next adds a new using to the comp
you guessed it, this one deletes a user
and this one adds a user to a localgroup

Blocks of code should be set as style "Formatted" like this.
net user
net user (username) * [note: just start typing the new password you wont, no writting will come up though just hit enter when ur done]
net user (username) /add
net user (username) /del
net localgroup (localgroup eg.administrators) (username) /add

How to check for open Ports

Here i am going to show you an easy way to check for open ports on your system. This can simple be checked by typing "netstat -a" in command prompt. I will tell why how you can check your result.

Step 1:

Open up command prompt. Press "START" and "RUN" type "cmd" and use the command "netstat -a"
Now you will get up a list so showing you poeple so are connected to your computer. This list will look like this.
Proto: TCP
Local Address: thiscomputer3123:1031
Foreign Address: thiscomputerhaha342:ftp

"Proto" showes what Protocol it is in this case it is (Transmission Control Protocol) TCP.
"Local Address" This is your computer also you see a number behind your computer name. 1031 this is the port so is used by your computer.
"Foreign Address" This is the Remote computer and the port is ftp. (File Transfer Protocol) so the port is 21 since the Default port to FTP is 21.
"State" This showes you if the computer is connected to you or not. ESTABLISHED means that it is connected to you.

So now you know how to read the result. Lets go to Step 2.

Step 2:

0 - 1023 = This ports are used by "Services"
1024 - 49151 = This ports are used by "Network" ect Your Internet Browser and E-Mail clients.
49152 - 65535 = This ports are used by private users they are rarly used so this may indicate that you are infected with something.

Step 3:

You can easy check out the ports just with do a google search. Open up your "Internet Browser" type "" in the address bar and type in ect "Port 1031" now it will give you sites about the "1031 port" or you may search for Trojan Horse port list or something like that to check out if the port is a Trojan Horse.

navifirm - a tool to obtain nokia firmware, product codes, and more

NAVIFIRM is the ultimate all-purpose tool for downloading Nokia firmware imagesobtaining lists of product codes, and finding the right product code for your phone. NAVIFIRM download this straight from Nokia's servers so you don't have to wait for people to post data packages and lists of product codes.
NAVIFIRM is useful for just about anyone:

End users: Find product codes to use with NSS/NSU
Journalists: Be the first to know when new firmware hits NSU
Developers: Download ROM images for extracting files
Care Suite/Phoenix/box users: Download ROM images to flash
Additional NSU servers can be added by editing Main.cs in the source code.

To use NAVIFIRM, just start navifirm.exe and drill down from left to right. To download files, check the boxes of the files you want (or click the All button), then click "Download from FiRe". Find a directory to put the files in, then click OK. Care Suite and Phoenix should be able to pick up the firmware files if you put them in C:Program FilesCommon FilesNokiaDataPackage (if you use Vista w/ UAC, you'll have to right-click navifirm.exe and select Run as Administrator). Note that calibration and most other non-firmware files ordinarily included in data packages cannot be downloaded via this tool. To generate a product code list suitable for forum posts, etc., select a product and release, then click the Export PC List button. From there, you can copy and paste the list of product codes or save it as a file.

This software is released with no warranty whatsoever, express or implied. If you screw up your phone trying to flash something downloaded with this tool, it definitely isn't my fault. As bricking a phone is easy, proceed with great caution. You have been warned. - The windows binary
navifirm-0.1-src.tar.gz - the source code

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Grey Hat Hackers

A grey hat hacker is someone who is in between these two concepts. He may use his skills for legal or illegal acts, but not for personal gains. Grey hackers use their skills in
order to prove themselves that they can accomplish a determined feat, but never do it in order to make money out of it. The moment they cross that boundary, they become black hackers.

For example, they may hack the computer network of a public agency, let us say, NOAA. That is a federal crime.

If the authorities capture them, they will feel the long arm of justice. However, if they only get inside, and post, let us say, their handle, and get out without causing any kind of damage, then they can be considered grey hackers.

If you want to know more about hackers, then you can attend one of their annual conventions. Every year, hackers from all over the US, and from different parts of the world, reunite and meet at DEF CON. These conventions are much concurred. In the last one, 6,600 people attended it.

Every year, DEF CON is celebrated at Las Vegas, Nevada. However, hackers are not the only ones who go to this event. There are also computer journalists, computer security professionals, lawyers, and employees of the federal government. The event is composed by tracks of different kind, all of them related, in some way, to the world of hackers (computer security, worms, viruses, new technologies, coding, etc). Besides the tracks, there are contests that involve hacking computers, l ock picking and even robot related events. Ethical hacking, white hat hacking or whatever names you wish to use, at the end, it has a purpose: to protect the systems of organizations, public or private, around the world. After all, hackers can now be located anywhere, and they can be counted by the millions. Soon, concepts like white hat, linux operating system or grey hat will become common knowledge. A real proof of how much has our society been influenced by technology.

White Hat Hacker

According to Hollywood, a hacker can be a wiz kid who spends too much time with computers and suddenly finds himself submerged in the world of cyber-security or criminal conspirators. On the other hand, he can be a master criminal who wants to obtain huge amounts of money for him, or even worse, dominate the world.

In the movie Matrix, the concept of hackers changed a bit. Although the agents of the Matrix considered them terrorists, the truth is that they were rebels fighting for the liberty of humanity. Things do not need to reach that extreme, though. We are not at war with intelligent ma chines so that kind of scenario is a bit dramatic.

Therefore, a hacker is an individual who is capable of modifying computer hardware, or software. They made their appearance before the advent of computers, when determined individuals were fascinated with the possibility of modifying machines. For example, entering a determine code in a telephone in order to make free international calls.

When computers appeared, this people found a new realm where they could exploit their skills. Now they were not limited to the constraints of the physical world, instead, they could travel through the virtual world of computers. Before the internet, they used Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) to communicate and exchange information. However, the real explosion occurred when the Internet appeared.

Today, anyone can become a hacker. Within that denomination, there are three types of hackers. The first one is the black hacker, also known as a cracker, someone who uses his computer knowledge in criminal activ ities in order to obtain personal benefits. A typical example is a person who exploits the weaknesses of the systems of a financial institution for making some money.

On the other side is the white hat hacker. Although white hat hacking can be considered similar to a black hacker, there is an important difference. A white hacker does it with no criminal intention in mind. Companies around the world, who want to test their systems, contract white hackers. They will test how secure are their systems, and point any faults that they may found. If you want to become a hacker with a white hat, linux, a PC and an internet connection is all you need.