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Sunday, March 14, 2010

How To Defeat The Attempts Of A Black Hat Hacker

In order to survive in the World Wide Web, there are certain things
that we need to know in order to endure. The first one is that each
computer user is responsible for his machine and the data that it
It doesn't matter if a transnational spends hundreds of millions of
dollars in IT security if an absent-minded employee downloads and
installs unauthorized software or falls into the email scheme of black
hat hackers.
Basic Knowledge
So, the first thing that we need to know is that computers, and
networks, are like houses. If they don't have the windows and doors
properly secured, anyone can enter. There are thousands of hackers in
the internet looking for computers with unsecured entrances. Even
worse, they have programs making the search for them. If you consider
that there are hundreds of millions of computers in the world, then it
is highly probable that an important percentage of them aren't
properly secured.
In order to secure our "house", we need to have a firewall installed
and properly configured. A firewall is like a lock that assures that
all the entrances to your computer are properly closed, so no one from
the outside can access it.
Anti Virus Software
Another useful piece of software is the antivirus. Antivirus have been
around since the first personal computers since viruses have always
existed. Unfortunately, the internet has generated a demographic
explosion and now they wander, freely, through the net. There are
several software packages in the market, so test the ones with which
you feel more comfortable and stay with the one that is more
convenient for you.
Regular Updates
The next step is to update your operating system, especially if it is
Windows XP. Ninety percent of the worldwide operating system market is
owned by Microsoft. For that reason, it is the preferred choice for
crackers in the entire world. They are constantly looking for ways to
bypass the security of this operating system, looking for weaknesses
of all kind (even in something as innocent as the Media Player). In
order to stop them, maintain your operating system updated.
Education in Security Techniques
Finally, if you are inside a company, assure yourself that the users
are trained. They must be able to detect if they are being victims of
cracker scam. It can be through the internet messaging system, an
email or even an innocent looking PowerPoint attachment sent by a
friend. People are the last line of defense against black hat hacking.

Over time, black hat techniques have become more advanced and complex.
Although there are computer software programs that can help a cracker
in many ways, it is still a profession that requires a knack for
computer software and hardware. So, as you may have noticed, black hat
hackers will never disappear, which means that we need to have our
computers, and our networks, prepared.

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