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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Get Any Microsoft Products for FREE!!


This article will basically introduce you to the funniest yet useful bug in Microsoft systems. Do at your own risk as neither Hackers paradise nor the author of the article are responsible for anything legal related to it

Lets start


1. Go to
2. Search for "Microsoft Products". (Suppose you chose a "gaming keyboard")
3. Select any product below $150, and tell the seller that "I am ready to buy, but just to make sure that I am getting the right thing, i want to know the PID number of the product".
4. Seller will mail you PID number.

Part 2

1. Call up microsoft customer service OR have a chat with their representative
2. I dont have the number byhearted so goto and find that out
3. Tell them that " I own this (the same) Gaming Keyboard, its broken, some of the keys are not working, I have done all the troubleshooting."
4. VOILA!, they will say that "Its ok, sir, we will send your another!"

How it works?

When they send you another keyboard, they would NOT ask you to return the existing broken keyboard, because the SHIPPING will cost them more than the price of the keyboard. So thats what is the loophole

Why till $150?

As i mentioned above, if the replacement product costs more than $150, then they will ask you to return the existing broken product at the time of delivery, which apperantly we dont have .

Can I get caught?

NO!. Its done through complete legal way, I have already ordered 5 of them and have received 3 at my friend's place in US. I am expecting them to drop 1 of them at my place (india), within couple of days.


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