Thursday, March 18, 2010

iTunes Downloads DRM Hack: Use myFairTunes6 v.0.2b

This is the link for myFairTunes V.0.2beta which is a Windows C++ Port of QTFairUse6. It’s a GUI for the QTFairUse6 app, that makes it nice and easy to rip the DRM right out of YOUR iTunes music store downloads, so you can use YOUR music however you like.
AAC Stream Capture based loosely on Igor Skochinsky’s Freely available QTFairUse6 Python source code
M4A Conversion based on Jon Lech Johansen’s Freely available DeDRMS source code
Credits and Greets to Igor and DVD Jon
Features for 0.2b:
- Name change myFairTunes6 to stop any confusion (thx for the cool name writeguy)
- Supported iTunes versions: 6.0.5.x
- Browse your Entire iTunes Library’s M4P files
- Full iTunes Control, plays and stops Tracks automatically
- “One Click” Full Automatic Conversion of Entire Library
- Multi Select only the Artists, Albums and Tracks you want to convert
- Full lossles M4A conversion with all original tags in tact (artist,album, track, art etc.)
- Full iTunes Library Integration, Auto inserts M4A and removes M4P Tracks..
- Make backup of all converted M4P files (You pick the target backup folder)
- Preview Track directly in myFairTunes
- M4a Files can be converted to high fidelity MP3’s directly in iTunes

1) Run myFairTunes6.exe
2) Select your tracks to convert
3) Hit “Start Conversion”
Download myFairTunes6 here:

Download myFairTunes6 Source Code here:
NOTE: Softpedia has the latest updated app for anyone who is looking.
Enjoy it while it lasts.

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