Friday, July 17, 2009

Super Reminder : Dead Simple Reminding system

What do you do when things getting complex ?  Look for simple things right ? Getting reminders is one of the most popular stuff which everybody and every application tries to do . Right from cell phone to Email Clients. They are good and they are the best when you need to manage huge stuff but then at times you need just a simple reminder “Bob, You need to pickup the cd when you park the car!”

Bam!! You need to complex email client nor need to open cell phone. Super Reminder are super in only this prospective. They are simple reminding system which lets you get either reminded on email or SMS ( costs ).

Reminder email mobile
  • Just validate your number and email,
  • Create reminders, Set when and where you would like to have it.
  • And you would get reminded. Job Done!!.

Try Super reminder

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