Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stream Torrent - Watch TV Channels and Video Online

Streaming Torrents are fast emerging as a new trend in the torrents industry. Stream Torrent is a new less known entrant into the huge torrents industry but it is soon expected to leave its mark. Stream Torrent is a free software program for the Windows operating system that allows users to watch - and stream - TV and videos over the Internet. The Stream torrent can be used to access hundreds of famous channels from around the globe. When i did the test run of this product, i checked BBC, ESPN, Zee India, CNN, CNN Radio, HBO and Kanal A etc. There are literally hundreds of TV channels and videos available on Stream Torrent. It has a downloadable client in the zipped file. Its easy to install and operate. The software uses P2P technology that is popular in similar applications like TVU Player which means that the computer’s bandwidth is used to stream the contents to other users.

Once installed on your computer, start by clicking on File > Search in the menu to open the search interface which can be used to list all available channels or filtered channel lists either by keyword or pre-selection (e.g. sports, top 100). It is also possible to enter a keyword which will search for and return all channels matching that keyword. A good start is probably the top 100 channel list as suggested by another reviewer of Stream Torrent. The channels are quickly populated and the list shows the usual details that we see on all torrent sites e.g the name, bitrate, quality, audience etc. After that you can just click on any channel and the channel will open up in a new window. It might take sometime as buffering takes place before the streaming starts and i am sure you are well aware that its common every where. You can also use Stream Torrent to start a new channel and stream channel or videos from your own computer.

I had the chance to watch few channels to get a first hand experience before writing this blog post, so i think the quality is not very good and even though i shortlisted the channels with had a “perfect” quality written in the row but still it was not a very satisfactory experience. I didn’t found much potential in Stream Torrent but in anycase, i still believe future is of streaming torrents apps and not the current downloadable ones.

To Download Stream Torrent Click here

Below are some of the screen shots of the Stream Torrent




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