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Thursday, July 2, 2009

MORE Mac Apps

Text Expander

is a great little application for all those little snippets of text you need all the time. Writer? Typos can trigger Text Expande. Developers? No more code library needed. Designers? Well, we can always add signatures to email, right?.


is very simple. Just fill in a color or image and hide the desktop clutter. Need minimalistic? Now you have it.

Shoo Apps

does what the long forgotten (or so it seems) Spirited Away did. it hides inactive applications.


is a maid for your Mac. Have a lot of files just sitting waiting to be organized? Well, Hazel can move those files based on the criteria you set up. Be it name, date, location or what site or e-mail the file came from, this little application takes care of it.

Sticky Windows

is an application I personally can’t live without anymore. Say hello to tabs. Drag a window to the top, left or right edge of the screen and a tab will appear. To remove a tab, you just drag it away. It’s that simple.


is quite neat. It creates custom nap and sleep melodies for you to help you relax. Need a power nap - take one. It really may help, or it may just work as placebo. But hey, why not try it?.

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