Sunday, August 2, 2009

Your First Step Towards Hacking

I am assuming you surf daily, download too much stuff, find cracks & serials & hacking tutorials.  This group is called as anarchists. This is the very beginning step of hacking. But many people stay in the same zone & never get promoted to the real penetration. The one I would like to share that you need to read a lot (very much than you can think), otherwise you can loose the thing.

Basic principle behind hacking is learn how the things are constructed, You can easily find the way to destruct it. There are some general mistakes in making things, you can know it only when you try to make it too.

When you make mistake while creating something, if someone try to take over that mistake & use it as a security hole to intrude in your system is called as hacker. So you need to learn the construction. The construction of following things:

Networks :

1. How Network is Created

2. How Firewalls are placed

3. Topology of The Network

4. Encryption


1. How a website is created, how they run (For that have some website, learn some potential problems in making a website, if you don’t have budget, then search for free hosts & domains )

2. How a blog is created & managed

Applets/ Applications:

1. Learn How the application are develop (Try to develop something, just for practice)

2. Learn specially apps of Browsers, Wordpress, Twitter, Soft wares.


1. You must have command over Linux & Windows.

2. If you have Mac, that will be great, but it is not in essential list.


Keep track of all the gadgets like – cellphones, their operating systems, net books, PSP, gaming consoles, google android, mobile windows, their apps everything.

Coding :
If you can not code then you can not create. So You have to have hand on Java, C and any of Web programming language but prefer PHP & HTML

This is too big list . . huh?

This is shortest ever list I have ever seen to be very loyal to you. Really, You don’t have to do thins in one day or something. You get all books for beginners like, networks for dummies, Java black book.

You have to read constantly. I am trying to collect here some of the best things which you can use it as your notes for hacking stuff. So be updated with it. But at least know the networks & Linux, so You can learn faster. Other things are your homework, you have read on net, try to create & all this stuff, you need to do it on your own. I am all here to he lo you in it. Any type of problem you have,We are here to help. You can mail us, comment here or by any means I will try to make things better for you.

Just keep the patience &  confidence. This is your first step to hacking – all you’re doing it for your curiosity. And curiosity is not a crime .  .  .

If you are good at all the things listed above I would like to Recommend some books:

1. Network Security: Private Communication in Public World (PHI Publication) – Its about Cryptography/ Encryption

2. Thinking Beyond Firewalls

3. Linux Security Cookbook

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