Monday, August 3, 2009

Find sound for anything : Sound Search Engine

We look into the world wide web for everything right from music to images to text but have you ever searched for sounds ? No No, Not music I am talking about sounds i.e. Ever searched for a sound file which can play for you on “How alligators sound ?”

Welcome to Find Sounds, A search engine dedicated to find a sound file for the word which you are searching which you can download or listen and tell your kids, this is how this animal would sound like.

Find sounds for any text

Find sounds for any text

Well this might not become a regular search but then when you need it this place can work better than any search engine, as this is more dedicated and works like dictionary of sound files which relates to text.

This can also be useful in increasing your vacab and pronunciations and exploring new ways of saying things. Try Find Sounds

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