Monday, August 31, 2009

List Of SQL Injection Strings.......


One of the major problems with SQL is its poor security issues surrounding is the login and url strings. This tutorial is not going to go into detail on why these string work as all these details have been given in my previous article Top 10 Tricks to exploit SQL Server Systems . First SEARCH the following Keywords in Google or any Search Engine: admin\login.asp
login.asp with these two search string you will have plenty of targets to chose from...choose one that is Vulnerable INJECTION STRINGS: How to use it? This is the easiest part...very simple On the login page just enter something like user:admin (you dont even have to put this.)
pass:' or 1 =1 - or user:' or 1 =1-
admin:' or 1 =1 - Some sites will have just a password so password:' or 1 =1- In fact I have compiled a combo list with strings like this to use on my chosen targets. There are plenty of strings in the list below. There are many other strings involving for instance UNION table access via reading the error pages table structure thus an attack with this method will reveal eventually admin U\P paths. The one I am interested in are quick access to targets PROGRAM i tried several programs to use with these search strings and upto now only Ares has peformed well with quite a bit of success with a combo list formatted this way. Yesteday I loaded 40 eastern targets with 18 positive hits in a few minutes how long would it take to go through 40 sites cutting and pasting each string combo example: admin:' or a=a-
admin:' or 1 =1 - And so on. You don't have to be admin and still can do anything you want. The most important part is example:' or 1 =1- this is our basic injection string Now the only trudge part is finding targets to exploit. So I tend to search say google for login.asp or whatever inurl:login.asp
index of:/admin/login.asp like this: index of login.asp result: http://www3 SO...G=Google+Search 17 ,000 possible targets trying various searches spews out plent more Now using proxy set in my browser I click through interesting targets. Seeing whats what on the site pages if interesting I then cut and paste URL as a possible target. After an hour or so you have a list of sites of potential targets like so asp /login.asp and so on. In a couple of hours you can build up quite a list because I don't select all results or spider for log in pages. I then save the list fire up Ares and enter

1) A Proxy list
2) My Target IP list
3) My Combo list
4) Start. Now I dont want to go into problems with users using Ares..thing is i know it works for me... Sit back and wait. Any target vulnerable will show up in the hits box. Now when it finds a target it will spew all the strings on that site as vulnerable. You have to go through each one on the site by cutting and pasting the string till you find the right one. But the thing is you know you CAN access the site. Really I need a program that will return the hit with a click on url and ignore false outputs. I am still looking for it. This will saves quite a bit of time going to each site and each string to find its not exploitable. There you go you should have access to your vulnerable target by now Another thing you can use the strings in the urls were user=? edit the url to the = part and paste ' or 1 =1 - so it becomes user=' or 1 =1- just as quick as login process Combo List There are lot of other variations of the Injection String which I cannot put on my blog because that is Illegal.

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