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Monday, August 10, 2009

How to Play ISO/CSO Games on your Hacked PSP 3000 Slim

In our previous posts we told you how to hack your PSP 3000 and how to take backup of your favorite PSP UMDs, continuing the PSP mania in this post we will talk about how to play .iso/.cso backup image files from memory card. First things first you will need a hacked PSP 3000 with custom firmware 5.03 Gen-A Full, without CFW you cannot backup your UMDs and cannot play them.

  1. Use this tutorial to hack your PSP 3000 Firmware to CFW
  2. Use this tutorial to take backup of your PSP UMD games

How to Play .iso/.cso game image files on PSP 3000

First you will need to create a folder named ISO in the root of your memory card, this is where you .iso/.cso game image files will be stored. Put all your UMD games backup image files in this ISO folder.

If you try the run the game now with image files you will get some error like "the game could not be started"

Go the Game -> Memory Stick, Now you will need to bring up the VSH menu by pressing SELECT button, Browse to UMD ISO MODE, now change the mode from Normal to M33 driver by pressing right arrow button on your PSP, press SELECT again to exit. Once you have done this, you are ready to play games of your memory stick.

Go to Game -> Memory Stick -> .iso/.cso game files -> select your game and start playing

Benefits of running games from memory card:

  • Games load significantly faster
  • In game performance is better
  • More battery life
  • Your precious UMD disks are saved from wear and tear
  • Easier to manage game collection digitally
  • You can even compress your UMD to .cso format using high compression settings to save even more memory card space

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