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Sunday, August 2, 2009

6 Cool GreaseMonkey Scripts To Rock Your Friendfeed

There’s no doubt that Friendfeed, in a short space of time has gained immense popularity as the best social media aggregator and also as a prominent networking and interaction tool. Friendfeed has also done a great job in successfully leveraging the user base which was frustrated by Twitter downtimes and looking for an alternative micro-blogging platform.

Friendfeed is a cool service no doubt and if you use certain Greasemonkey scripts (which I am about to mention), Friendfeed can turn into a really awesome tool. So if you haven’t been bitten by the Friendfeed frenzy yet, sign up for a free account and install these user scripts and start rocking with it!


1. Google Reader in Friendfeed

There are two ways to use Google Reader in Friendfeed. One is a bookmarklet which is suggested by Louis Gray and if you have signed in to your Friendfeed and clicked on the bookmarklet, it will immediately open the Friend’s shared items tab of your Google Reader.

Another way is to install this Greasemonkey script. Once installed, you will get a tab on the right which when clicked takes you to your Google Reader homepage (see the 2 screenshots below). There are many other similar scripts for different sites. However I particularly like this one.



If you’ve added Google Reader to your list of services, then while browsing through your feeds you could share the ones which you like and then start a discussion on them with your friends as they feeds appear in your Friendfeed.


2. Read Later

Read Later is a cool script for Friendfeed which allows you to store a particular Friendfeed item for reading later. Once you install this script you’ll see a small link named ‘Later‘ under each item.


Once you click on it, it is saved in your account and can be easily accessed through a separate Read Later Tab.


3. Better FriendFeed “subscribed to me”

The Better FriendFeed “subscribed to me” Greasemonkey script adds a ’subscribe’ button under each of the friends who are subscribed to you but you aren’t subscribed to them. Hence it makes the process of subscribing back to those who subscribe to your Friendfeed easier.



4. Twitter For Friendfeed

This is my favorite. The twitter for friendfeed script allows you to access Twitter right inside Friendfeed and therefore allows you to use both the tools simultaneously inside one browser tab. When you install it, you get a separate tab for Twitter inside Friendfeed (as you can see below ).


Once you click on the tab, you can access your Twitter account right inside your Friendfeed account!



5. Friendfeed Filters: Friends & Groups

The Friendfeed filter Greasemonkey script could turn out to be a very important Friendfeed addon in the long run. It lets you filter the noise and access the Friendfeed items which you care for. After installing it, you’ll find a drop-down menu on the right in your Friendfeed account.


Now from this drop down menu you can create different groups of friends and then access their Friendfeed items through a separate tab. It then allows you to further customize your Friendfeed. For example as you can see in the screenshot below, I’ve created a group and named it ‘ Tech Bloggers ‘ and accessing the group feeds through a separate tab.



6. Friendfeed Tweak Refresh Rate

Yes, probably the simplest of the Friendfeed scripts but certainly a useful one. The Friendfeed tweak refresh rate script lets you specify a time interval (in minutes) after which you’d like your Friendfeed to be auto-refreshed.

If you like Friendfeed then I’m sure you’ll like these scripts too. If you know about some other cool Friendfeed scripts then let us know in the comments.

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