Sunday, August 2, 2009

Run Firefox Like Chrome

You could say I was a bit surprise that this didn't come to mind in terms of browsers mimicking others, even though you can theme to make them look like other browsers. Thus the reason for this topic and that is making firefox act like Chrome through a few plugins.

This extension is supposed to mimic incognito browser so now you can do all your secret evil things in firefox now without being caught.

Download Statusbar
I am a big fan of this extension and been using it for a few months now and so its benefits are very useful and you won't get that download window popping up on you.

Locationbar² 1.0.3
All this extension does is highlight the main url and to help prevent spoofing. I know IE8 and Chrome use it built into the browsers, not to sure on Opera has something similar.

Speed Dial
If your an Opera user you should know this extension very well and basically its mini browsers within a browser and thus cutting out the use for tabs entirely.

With this extension basically you doing what Chrome and IE8 are doing and making a whole new process and so you wouldn't have to worry about firefox crashing and losing everything. Although it don't really matter since firefox has a good recovery system and should be able to recover most data.

Resizeable Textarea
Although I am somewhat familiar with this extension chrome has this built in and I be making a topic about tips, tricks and Easter eggs about Chrome shortly. As for the extension itself basically you turn a small text area into a large one by dragging from one of its corners and so if your commenting on something and the text area is small you can make it bigger.

Now I am big fan of this extension because of hte fact you can expand the search function even more in firefox and you can get the first 8 results based on your keywords.
So if your not a fan of Chrome, like me, then you can at least mimic it until another version of Chrome comes out.

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