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Monday, August 3, 2009

Browse Safely & Avoid Viruses & Spyware With HHOTT





I’m a man of many browsers. I’ve tried pretty much all of them. Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Firefox, Chrome and so on. Even the original Mozilla browser is on the list.

All of these are great browsers, and they stand out for different reasons. Different features and different ways of browsing. However, although content has changed drastically throughout the years, the basic principles of browsing has remained pretty much the same.

HHOTT View means to change all that. It’s a plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer.


HHOTT View gives us fast and safe surfing, ideal for those paranoid folk out there, and perfect for those without a firewall (software like that tends to irritate me more than viruses do).

So How Does It Work?

The concept can be divided up into two parts; the warning icons and the preview browsing.

Warning Icons

Each and every link will be provided with a small warning icon when you hover over them. These will tell you if the link is safe or not.

There are four possible icons.

The green icon indicates a safe link. You ought to be able to visit the other side without harm done.

[Image]The red icon indicates an unsafe link. The site might contain viruses and spyware. It’s highly advised not to proceed.

[Image]The grey icon can indicate a number of things, but all comes down to the fact that there is insufficient information available. This can be because of the site in question, there are still some sites that need to be reviewed, or because the service is unavailable due to update or program failure.

The blue icon indicates that the safe browsing feature is currently turned off. How to enable it is explained below on the page.

Preview Browser

Now, if you want to know exactly what’s behind the link, you can use the preview browser.

Hover over the warning icon to trigger a pop-up with the contents of the link. This way you can view what’s on the other site without needing to browse there. You won’t even have to leave your current page!


This pop-up interacts just like a normal browser, and will allow basic surfing. You can scroll through the pages, click through to other pages, watch embedded media, and even save favourites! The only things that are missing in my opinion are the warning icons and further page pop-ups.

Installing HHOTT View

You can download the HHOTT View installer from this page here. This one works for both Firefox and Internet Explorer. After choosing your language and running the installer, you need to enable the HHOTT View toolbar in your browser.

To do so, click with your right mouse in the toolbar area, and make sure that HHOTTView is checked.

Sometimes the HHOTT toolbar won’t be available until you restart your browser or – in drastic cases – your computer.


Using the toolbar, you can also adjust the settings of the HHOTT View plugin, like enabling or disabling the safe browsing feature.


Enabling the Safe Browsing feature


HHOTT View is a really great plugin that can aid you in browsing both quicker and safer. If you’re up for a new way of browsing, you must definitely give it a try.

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