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Sunday, August 2, 2009

17 Greasemonkey Scripts to Diversify Social Media Experience

Greasemonkey scriptsIf you frequent your favorite social media community daily, you might have grown tired of its look and feel.

Below I am listing 17 Greasemonkey scripts to diversify your social media experience (for Digg, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Delicious).

Greasemonkey is a Firefox addon, which allows to edit the way web looks and works with the help of wide variety of already available scripts. To use the scripts you find here, install the Greasemonkey extension first.


(Use Digg scripts with caution as some of them can get you banned from the site)

  • Digg Larger Images on Mouseover – enlarges images on Digg home page (including the users’ avatars) when hovered over;
  • Digg AdBlocker (as the name suggests) removes adverts from Digg (or this one moves the ad spot down the page);
  • DiggRatingExtender shows extended Digg submission and comment history: up and down diggs as well as the total rating. This might be really interesting to see how many people like / disliked the comment:


  • Digg User Topics Cloud adds a tag cloud to each user’s profile based on his recent submissions (useful for evaluating if the person is worth a follow


  • Twitter Friends Bio at a Glance – shows bio text, following count and a web link for all friends and followers on the Twitter friends list.
  • Retweet This – adds a retweet button to the end of each twitter entry. The button opens in a new tab with the full retweeted message (including @member);
  • Twitter friend name helper: suggests the friend name after you type @



  • Stumbleupon Avatar Bubbles – adds some fun to StumbleUpon by allowing you to see larger versions of your friends’ avatars when hovering over;

Stumbleupon Avatar Bubbles

  • Preview StumbleUpon Posts – enables Preview functionality in StumbleUpon forums and contact pages and also warns you if you try to navigate away from a post without submitting it.
  • SU Visual Editor Plus enhances the built-in SU editor by matching the background color, adjusting the its width and displaying images correctly;
  • SU2Bookmarks (found under “You can also” section in the sidebar) scans your favorites and generates a bookmarks.html file. You may import this file into any web browser as a list of bookmarks. Favorites will be sorted in folders by their SU topic.


  • Reddit Zebra-izer adds color to Reddit rows for better usability:
  • Reddit – Undeletion: recovers deleted comments and users on reddit.
  • Reddit Filter Plus filters or highlights submissions by user, domain or keyword. Tired of some submission topics?  Or of some specific user’s submissions?  Or of some domain? Now you can filter those out! Alternatively, you can use any color to highlight submissions by any user, using any keywords or belonging to any domain. The script is easily managed right from your Reddit “Preferences” page.

What Greasemonkey scripts do you use for your social media sites? Tell us the links to them in the comments so everyone can benefit!

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