Tuesday, January 26, 2010

YouTube on your PSP

PSP developer biscottealacrevette released a new version of Go!Tube, a YouTubestreaming application which is basiclly a clone of PSPtube but with some new features and more importantly, it works!. Changes in version 1.1 include the HightMemoryMod and added repository support to GoTube Updater.

Installation is easy, just make sure you place the GoTube.prs in the RADIOPLAYER folder of your memory stick and then place the GoTube folder in GAME. At first I couldn’t get this to work, but this was due to BubbleTunes Game Categories plug-in. You need to place the GoTube folder outside of any CAT_ folders (Uncatergorized)

One you have placed the folders, go to Internet Radio in your XMB and GoTube update, click the arrow logo to add the video site you want. It should download a 2kb file. Exit and then run GoTube, use Select to find YouTube for example and then hit O and enter a search term for YouTube, wait a few seconds and videos will appear for that search.


Developer notes:

Go!Tube was originally created to replace UltimatePSPtube beacause a lot of his site doesn’t work but why continue this work ? because i’m not the only dev of gotube’s script (actualy yes but I hope it will change). concretely that mean GoTube include a online updater (go to the radioplayer to use it), this online player load a list of dev and they script’s folder and display them to you. after that you can choose what site you want include in GoTube.

As you can see there is a new feature in gotube , the next site are now previewed in top of the screen (i know you understand why i’ve made that ^^) if you want remove this feature and go back to the original mode, go to the cfg.js and replace 1 by 0 in the PSP.multiView attribut

I’ll probably not read your reply so if you want to know how to make your own script , i’ve relased the API of GoTube (some parte are same as PSPtube). if you’ve never used javascript don’t try to do this job. and if you find any bug : request a debugging here : Issues -- gotube -- Project Hosting on Google Code

Go! Tube version 1.1 - 3.2 MiB

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