Thursday, January 28, 2010

How to inject speed into your old laser printer

You might have an old laser printer rusting on your desk simply because it prints at snail's pace. But instead of letting dust bunnies gather on it, you can inject speed into it by upping its memory. This way your decrepit laser printer will load and print more than one elaborate document at a time.

Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: If the printer model you're using is easily available in the market, you shouldn't have any problem getting RAM (Random Access Memory) for it at your local dealer. The other thing you could do is call the number given in the printer manual and enquire the company representative about upgrading your printer's memory. Find out the maximum upgrade you can get.

Step 2: Once you have figured out the memory you would upgrade to, order the RAM from the service center or purchase it from the market closeby. Next, refer to the manual for instructions regarding installation before actually proceeding. The user manual is like a Bible, giving you step-by-step directions regarding what you need to know about your printer.

Step 3: This is something that you've probably never done but trust us, it is really simple. Lift the back cover of the printer and locate the panel that contains the memory. Next, locate the slot for the memory card and place it there. Lest the card refuses to fit, make sure you don't force it in, else you might damage it.

Step 4: Put the cover back on properly and then press the Menu button on the printer in order to reconfigure it.

Now, next time your printer refuses to listen to your commands, you know what to do

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