Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Watch streaming live TV on your PSP

PSP developer bboyjcm has released an update to PSP Live TV, the psp homebrew application derived from PSPTube that lets you play live TV streams on your PSP. This latest version includes the high memory mod, so performance is improved. Also the addition of further TV channels to the supported list of stations. The developer also recommends you choose low-speed streaming channels for better performance.

PSP Live TV 0.5 changelog:

-HighMemMod hex’ed in order to load psptube’s eboot faster & access all the psp’s available ram
-HighMemMod hex’ed to work in the same directory as PSPTube (All in one folder)
-Asx files are now simplified
-Better file & folder structure
-New eboot icon (Icon Transperency)
-Changelog , Readme & Credits are now included
-Simplified PSPTube’s Eboot (PARAM.SFO & DATA.PSP only are present)
-ASX Easy Creator v1.0 is inluded [PC ONLY]
-10 channels tested & working (i’ll add some more before the release)
-rdriver.prx is now included
-THM Icon Creator version 1 is included [PC ONLY]

PSP Live TV 0.5

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