Friday, July 2, 2010

How to download YouTube videos in Ubuntu

How to download YouTube videos in Ubuntu is probably among the first things a newbie Ubuntu user will ask for.

There are simply a number of application to do the same, but there is an even better way. Downloading YouTube videos is Ubuntu is not the right keyword, you can actually copy-paste the YouTube video. As simple as that. Lets see how.

While watching YouTube videos in Ubuntu (in any browser), let the video to buffer/load completely. Afterwards in your file browser, do not close the YouTube tab and browse to the /tmp directory.

Now in the /tmp directory, you will have the YouTube video you just saw. It should be with a filename prefixing with FLASH.

Simply copy paste the file to some other place other than the /tmp directory, say Desktop, for example. Remember, you will have to copy-paste the file before closing the browser tab that contain the YouTube video.

Thats it. Wasn't that easy. Have fun.

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