Friday, February 19, 2010

Spy-Net 2.6 RAT - Full Setup Tutorial

-Win XP,vista or 7
-Spy-Net RAT v2.6
-No Ip (Dynamic DNS)
-Fud crypter/protector or hexing skills (optional)
Chapter 1 - Spy Net Options
I believe that 90 % of people know how to setup a No-Ip and how to Port forward a 81 Port or any other you want!
So I will skip that part.
First of all Open Spynet 2.6
Msgbox will popup with options "Yes" or "No" click no
Click "START" in the upper left corner
Now go "Opciones" and "Seleccionar Idoma"
Click "English.ini"
Now everything is on English language
Now we need to put the ports we want to use
Go "Options" > "Select listening ports"
Add port 81 and click Ok
Now you should see in the middle bottom corner
"Waiting for connections on port : 81"
Chapter 2 - Setting up a server
I personally don't use that option because I like binding files and hiding them well.

HINT:What is Message?
When somone open your server they will get the fake message
(Mostly used for files that are not binded)
If you will use the fake message option make sure it's a well hidden error
like "Failed to initialize" then some famous erorr number just google some if you don't know any
You can put whatever you want, if you want.
Move on to Keylogger
Check activate keylogger
Delete backspace (it's really irritating but helpful so pick what you want i never read any logs or use keyloggers)
Send logs by FTP
Could be useful for some people, i don't use it but i'll explain how to setup it
You need FTP
A good one is drivehq google and register
Send to:
Directory:/Logs (make sure you create a folder called Logs on your ftp)
FTP User: your drivehq username
FTP Password: your drivehq password
Send each: 30 minute is just fine
Make sure to test this if you're going to use it
Move on to Anti Options
Check all and move on "Create Server"
This is the last one
Check icon if you want
Check UPX
Check P2P (Peer to peer) like Limewire,Bearshare,Mp3 Rocket etc..
rename it into something with porn or cracks or games

HINT:Make sure to leave # behind .exe! else it wont work

Check USB (infecting everything that plugs in USB of infected pc)
Check Google Chrome Passwords and click ok when prompted for
Uncheck Bind files better use some private binder or something else
Uncheck Rootkit (experienced users can check)
Need help check the picture below

Click "Create Server" and you're done!
-Everytime before using spynet 1st turn on NO IP DUC TOOL
-Make sure you port forward port 81 on your router
-Make sure you always spread a FUD server
-Make sure to bind your server with a working app or if you don't know how, then use the fake message option!


  1. i need good ports,i think 81 is wrong...if you can help me send me ports on

  2. 81 is the main port, its not wrong. Use 82 if it keeps fucking up.

  3. use to find open ports. type in the website box and click scan

  4. i have a porblem with the logs that come to my ftp by spy net keylogger , i really cant understand any word from them. if there is any decryptor to decrypt spynet logs in my ftp tell me pleas

  5. where I can download sky net 2.5?