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Friday, February 19, 2010

How To Setup FTP account & recieve logs from Keylogger

This tutorial is for those of you who DONT know how to recieve log files from your keyloggers such as Ardamax Keylogger, Albertino Keylogger,etc....
FTP is like an online storage account. You make one so that your keylogger can send you log files there and you can download those log files and view them from where ever you are

The best ftp site according to me is
1) Goto this site, and click on the sign up button in first section where it says "Online File Storage and Sharing"
The Sign up Page should look like this: 

2) Fill in the necessary details and finish sign up. Once you're done, sign into your account.
3) Click On- "New Folder".

4) Name your folder- "logs" 

The Folder Should show up like this- 

The FTP part is now done.
Open your Keylogger Application- I'll show you how to use Ardamax Keylogger to send FTP logs.

1) Open Ardamax>Right-Click System Tray Icon>>Options>>Delivery>>FTP
2) Here you type in the following: 

FTP Host:
Remote foler: \logs (you should've made this folder in your FTP account by now)
Port: 21 (This is automatically given)
Username: [your username goes here]
Password: [your password goes here]
Once done, click on TEST
click "OK" 

Now goto Control (this button's just above the FTP button).
Chose the following settings 

you will recieve log files in your drive hq account from the computer you keylogged.
Like This Tutorial? 
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