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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Instant messaging to all networks in your Browser is new way of chatting in your browser.
check out its features

A single login for all your IM accounts.
imo lets you link your accounts on aim, gmail, msn, skype, etc. When
you login to a linked account, you will automatically be logged into all the accounts you have linked to it as well. This way, you only have to enter one login to access all your instant messenging accounts.
This feature requires no additional registration or sign-up. Simply login with your pre-existing usernames and passwords. Once you are logged into multiple accounts, you can link the active accounts in the session by clicking the "link accounts" button in the "Accounts" menu. A green bar will pop up at the top of the page alerting you that your accounts have been linked.
Star the buddies you chat with most for easy access!
imo places the buddies you star in a group called "favorites" at the top of your buddylist. this helps you easily see whether your favorite buddies are online or not.
to star or unstar a buddy, simply hover your cursor over his/her screenname in your buddylist and click the star in the box that appears. alternately, you can directly drag buddies in and out of the "favorites" group.

Chat and browse at the same time with Pop-Out mode.
Pop-Out mode opens imo in a separate browser window. You can set imo to Pop-Out mode by clicking the "Pop-out" link located at the top-right corner of your screen, above your buddy list.
In order to exit Pop-Out mode, click on the "Sign-On" tab at the top of your browser window and then click on "Switch to Full Screen."
Voice Chat with anyone.
With imo, you can voice chat with any of your buddies, regardless of what IM client they use and whether that client has built-in voice support.
To start a voice chat, simply click the, "Voice Chat" link in the im window of the buddy you want to voice chat with.
Video Chat with anyone.
imo's video chat feature works just like the voice chat feature, but with video. It allows you to video chat with any of your buddies, regardless of what IM client they use and whether that client has built in video chat capabilities.
To start a video chat, simply click the, "Video Chat" link in the im window of the buddy you want to hold a video chat with.
Change how your buddies are displayed in your buddy
Simply hover your cursor over your buddy's screenname in the buddylist. Click on the "Rename" link in the box that appears, and enter the name you would like your buddy to appear under in your buddylist.

Upload and view buddy icons directly in imo.
You can easily upload a new buddy icon for your profile through imo by clicking on the "Upload Pic" link located at the top of the buddylist.
To view someone's buddy icon, hover your cursor over their screenname in the buddylist window. Their icon will appear in the window that pops-up.
Control who can instant message you with invisibilty and blocking capabilities.
When you block a buddy, you will appear offline to that buddy, and he/she will not be able to instant message you, as if you are offline.
To block a buddy, hover your cursor over his/her screenname in your buddy list and click on the link that says "Block". All your blocked buddies will appear in a group labeled "Blocked". To unblock a buddy, go to the "Blocked" group and hover your cursor over the buddy's screename. Click on the link "Unblock" that appears.
When you make yourself invisible, you will appear offline to all of your buddies. This mode gives you the ability to instant message buddies you want to chat with, while continuing to appear offline to everyone else.
To make yourself invisible, select the "Invisible" option from the status drop-down menu. The status drop-down menu is located at the top of your buddy list, above the search bar.

Privacy Preferences - Choose who can send you messages.
By default, imo blocks messages sent by people who are not on your buddy list.
To change this setting, click the "Preferences" link in the top right corner of your browser window. In the pop-up that appears, click "Allow individuals who are not on my buddy list to contact me.

Buddy List Search -
Find your buddies, fast!
Simply type in the name of the buddy that you would like find in the "Search Buddies" field at the top of your buddy list.
The search will encompass your online as well as offline buddies.

Buddy List Organization- Sort your contacts by groups.
imo lets you move contacts between groups. To move a buddy from one contact group to another, just click and drag the name of the buddy to the new contact group.

Chat faster with imo Keyboard Shortcuts:
Tab = Cycles through open chat windows.
ESC = Close current chat window.
Forward slash = Moves focus to the Search Buddy field.
Who's at their desk and who's on the run?
imo puts a mobile phone icon next to the screenname of any buddies who are chatting from their phone, to help you keep track of your buddies. in every language!
Via our user-driven translation program, offers language support for Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Macedonian, French, Turkish, and more.

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