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Monday, December 21, 2009

Change Progress Dialog Box Using Resource Hacker

People using Windows Vista may be familiar with the new look of the Progress Dialog Box.It really looks nice.Now XP users can also get that look without any software but just following my steps.In this tutorial I am going to tell you that how you can replace the Progress Dialog Box in XP from old XP style to new Vista Style.

Instructions :

Before doing anything you will need to know about Resource Hacker.(click here to know all about Resource Hacker).

Now,as you know about basics of Resource Hacker.So lets start :

In this tutorial we have to do 3 things :

  • Replace Script
  • Replace AVI's
  • Add BMP Image

1)Replacing Script : Here we will replace the original script with new created script.

>>Open shell32.dll from %windir%\System32\Shell32.dll in Resource Hacker.

>>Then goto Dialog>>1020>>1033 and replace the code in Right Hand Side Panel to the code given below :

click here to download the code. Just copy it and replace it and press Compile Script

2)Replacing AVI's : Now you have to replace AVI's.Follow the steps given below :

First download these 3 AVI's.

It's a RAR archive so you will need WINRAR to open it.

Now in Resource Hacker goto AVI and replace AVI's as given below..

Goto AVI>>160>>1033>> and replace it with 160.avi (just downloaded)

Goto AVI>>161>>1033>> and replace it with 161.avi (just downloaded)

Goto AVI>>162>>1033>> and replace it with 162.avi (just downloaded)

Goto AVI>>163>>1033>> and replace it with 162.avi (just downloaded)

Goto AVI>>164>>1033>> and replace it with 162.avi (just downloaded)

3)Adding BMP : It works as the background image.

You can also change its colour and then add.

First download the BMP from here and extract it.

Now in Resource Hacker click on Add A New Resource.

After that a new window will pop up,in it click on Open File With Resource.

Now navigate to the BMP file you just downloaded and open it.

In Resource Name type 404

In Resource Language type 1033 and click Add Resource.

Click on SAVE and your are done !!

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