Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What You Should Know About Computer Viruses

Q: Why should I learn about viruses??

When people talk about virii (a subject dear to my heart) it is common
for people to treat the virus, the trojan horse, the logic bomb, etc.
as if they were one and the same. Now, personally, I find the idea
insulting and I am sure that many virus writers would feel the same
way. Time and time again, I have seen the worthy name of VIRUS heaped
upon the ranks of such undeserving pranks as the common TROJAN horse.

To think that the two are one and the same is fine, if you are the
common lamer that so often finds himself behind the computer screen.
To be unable to differenciate between a virus and a trojan is
perfectly acceptable for many. If you are entirely satisified with
knowing just enough to be able to start your computer and run your
application, then for heaven's sake don't read this article. In fact,
why don't you go buy a MacIntosh?

As for the rest of us, we realize that there IS a difference. And in
order to prevent ourselves from looking like clueless idiots, we
strive to learn the differences between the virus and the trojan horse
and what each one is and is not capable of.

What advantage is gained by learning of such things as a computer
virus? The person who is well-informed in such matters gains many
advantages over one who is not.

For one, he will quickly notice when his system shows signs of virus
activity and he will catch it before it has had time to do significant
damage to his system. Since he will have taken the proper precautions
in advance he will be able to quickly restore his system system while
suffering minimal loss.

Since he knows what a virus can and can't do, he won't believe every
quirk in his hardware or software is actually the result of some
devious virus. He will not be lulled into the false sense of security
provided by such worthless products as CPAV or NAV. He will have the
wisdom to look a trojan horse 'in the mouth'.

When it comes to virii, people are inclined to believe alot of stupid
shit. Let's face it, people are inclined to believe alot of stupid
shit period, but when it comes to virii, they tend to get even

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